Serena Vestrucci, “Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi”, 2016, Milano Foto di Alberto Fanelli Courtesy ArtLine Milano

Serena Vestrucci, “Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi”, 2016, Milano
Photo: Alberto Fanelli
Courtesy ArtLine Milano

Serena Vestrucci, Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi

Each pipe of the standpipes, originally made of brass, will be redesigned so that the sculptures will all look different from one another. The models are moulded in wax, then they are melt in bronze and galvanized in gold.
In this way each standpipes has a different, unique head of dragon. A sort of hidden intervention which will only be noticed by those who will drink from the pipes.
The artwork does not add new elements in the park. Instead it will be part of something which has already been designed: the public green ­painted standpipes made of cast iron. The word “vedovelle” (little widows) is due to the constant noise of the water roar that remind the crying of a widow, but they are also known as “draghi verdi” (green dragons), as the pipe is shaped like the head of a dragon.

Serena Vestrucci was born in Milano in 1986, she attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and the IUAV University in Venice. In her works, realized by marking pen, make-up, sewing, cutting etc.  the artist usually employs manual tecniques and infact her research has been often focused on the time spent for the realization the artwork, starting from a general meditation on what is the difference between free time and the working hours for an artist. Her research questioning about art market issues, the value attributed to works and way of exchange. While the word, used in titles, is often part of the artwork and suggests a dialogue between artist and viewer.

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