Judith Hopf, “Hand and Foot for Milan”, 2017 – 2018, courtesy ArtLine Milano. Foto di Alberto Fanelli


Judith Hopf, Hand and Foot for Milan
The project consists of two sculptures located at a short distance from one another: a hand emerging from the ground as if simulating a greeting and a foot placed onto the lawn. The two large elements are made of moulded and oversized bricks, manufactured especially for this project. These two enlarged shapes of human anatomy, built with one of the most basic construction materials, establish a dialogue with a highly connoted architectural context. 

Judith Hopf (Karlsruhe, 1969) is a German artist living and working in Berlin. Since her early production, Hopf’s practice has expressed her ironic take on artistic and social situations, which are the key themes she explores in her research. By using different media, such as graphics, sculpture, installation, film and performance, her works often incorporate subjects such as animals, humans, or humanized objects realized using everyday objects, such as computer hardware, vases, or basic building materials such as bricks, cement or iron.