Riccardo Benassi, “Daily Desiderio”, 2018, courtesy ArtLine Milano. Foto di Alberto Fanelli

Riccardo Benassi, Daily Desiderio

Daily Desiderio is a public intervention composed by a minimal painted aluminium structure whose core is a white LED display. Thanks to an automatic integrated broadcasting system, Riccardo Benassi has committed himself to broadcast one new text message per day on the LED display, since the day of the inauguration of the installation until his own death. After the  author’s death, the messages will start again from the beginning, in a continuous loop.

Riccardo Benassi was born in 1982 in Cremona, after studies in phenomenology he moved to Berlin, where he lives and works. His research goes through visual arts, writing, architecture, design, performance and music. Scout of contemporary urban living – Jimmie Durham defines him as “an artist of the cities” – Riccardo Benassi is also interested in exploring the change induced in our life by tecnology, as an invisible but constantly present element. In his work he uses a methodology that encourages meetings, collaborations and connections able to constantly enlarge his research.


ArtLine Milano under40

Competition and exhibition in Palazzo Reale