The Relationships beyond Images, Conference – Day One, 12 June @Mudec



Morning Session, 10.30 am-1 pm

10.30 am-10.45 am: Institutional welcome speeches by Marco Edoardo Minoja, Director of the City of Milan Cultural Area, and Anna Maria Montaldo, director of the Polo Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Musei Civici di Milano

10.45 am-11.00 am: introduction to the conference subjects with Giorgia Barzetti, Cecilia Guida and Roberto Pinto

11.00 am-12.00 pm: Keynote: “Placemaking as embodied experience – What can art in public space do?”, Edi Muka

12.00 pm-1.00 pm: Keynote: “Activating spatial and temporal encounters”, Başak Şenova


Afternoon session, a round-table focused on local experiences and projects, 2.30 pm – 6 pm

2.30 pm: “The space of relations”, Anna Detheridge

3.00 pm: “Foreign Farmers”, Leone Contini

3.30 pm: “The creative and deep commitment of public art at the end of the Anthropocene”, Micaela Martegani

4.00 pm: “From the politics of cultural offer to the logic of demand: the commissioning of artwork as a practice of empowerment”, Francesca Comisso (a.titolo)

4.30 pm: “This work is dedicated to the young women and young men who will fall in love in this little theater”, Alberto Garutti

5.00-6.00 pm: Q&A


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